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Company Profile - Lanificio Greece
Under the management of Akis and Filip Sourdis , J. SOURDIS S.A. is thriving and competitive mill. The combination of cutting-edge technology and a skilled, creative and motivated staff , makes the company a major force in the industry today.

Company History
A Family grown and owned business.
A great amount of foresight and ingenuity enabled John Sourdis to transform his small business into one of the leading European mills.
The ideals and beliefs that helped establish and expand the business have now been passed on to the family.
While advancing technologically , it is still important to remain with the standards John Sourdis established half a century ago.

State-of -the-art warehouse wile yarns are kept in standard all year round temperature and humidity conditions.

Equipped with the latest warping machines (BENNIGER and SUZUKI) ,this division is able to accommodate a variety of manufacturing needs.
The entire process is monitored continuously by skilled staff members, as well as computers

This division is stocked with 34 automatic looms which are all of year '05 hence the absolute best European technology can offer and once again monitored by our skilled staff.
Due to our extreme attention to details , it is important that we take into consideration the general cleanliness , as well as the overall air quality of this division.On this aspect a lot of money was invested lately with impressive results.

This division inspects the fabrics throughout the production process.While technology has been great beneficial ,history has taught us that the human touch is crucial , as well as irreplaceable, hence 10 highly qualified staff ensure our quality.

B.Q.T. (Biella Total Quality) sets the standard for the industry.This is a laboratory which test and certifies fabrics throughout the Production process. J. Sourdis S.A. is subject to this testing and certification.
In our final stage , the fabric undergoes an inspection. Upon passing
this inspection , the fabric is only then eligible and worthy of the label "Lanificio Sourdis".

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